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Thursday, September 14, 2017

Character Award

Today Calvin got COURAGE Character Award from School
Praise the Lord!

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Saturday, August 26, 2017

My Father's Legacy

This is the way I remember the man that I love and respect
by keeping his legacy in my life!

He is a strong man
He is an influential man
He is a man with many weaknesses and mistakes

Altogether makes him perfect in my eyes!

a story about him...
a story about his legacy...

Many years ago...

there was a woman who came to our house to be a helper
not long after that another young man came to be our gardener too

These 2 people fall in love but since they were very poor they couldn't afford for a wedding party so my parents arrange everything for them to get married

I still remember it was a rainy day and we have to go on a rocky and muddy road to reach their remote village to attend their wedding. We immediately landed on the mud the moment we stepped out of the car and the mud covered our shoes and some of our clothes too...but hey! it was a happy day...nobody cares about the mud!!

It was a simple yet wonderful wedding. With that, they are no

longer a helper for us but they became part of our family, they even call my parents: mom & dad!

Soon after the wedding, my father asked them to stay in one of his property to be a farmer. They both diligent and work very hard. My father sees a potential "seed" in them that no one could ever see it

He then approached the man and proposed him to continue his study. The man was hesitated at first because it never crossed his mind at all and he has no confidence to pursue to the higher level of! never!

the dream was too big for him to dream for...but it didn't stop my father!

slowly but surely...

he pursues the man every chance he has...
he helps the man to see future through education....
he helps the man to see the future from his point of view...
he keeps encouraging the man to think about his family future...
he helps the man to understand there's a price to pay for a better life...

The man finally take courage!

Follow my father advice to continue his study

My father was with him
..... from the day of registration
..... to the day of graduation

When the man and his wife knew about my father's departure...they both came and cried as if they lost their own fact they cried harder than us

a few days after my father's funeral, we went to visit this couple house.

I was shocked to look at their life now

They have 4 girls (only 3 at pictures coz 1 of them was still at school) and living in a big house, they also build some rooms for rental and they own more than 1 vehicle

The man now has a degree in law and he is no longer a farmer, he works in the university and their first child now a university student as well

That's the life that they never thought before
That's the life that my father help them to see it in the past

This is only 1 of the many stories about him helping people to build their future through education

as long as I remember...

My father always pursues those who came to stay with us as a helper to continue their study...He even went down to the school and registered those kids and pay for their school fees...he always asked about their studies and taking the time to encourage them to think about their future through education.

Even on his last days on earth...he still fighting for our helper education and now she is in her second year in university with an excellent achievement

He was not only invested his money but also share his thought and value about education every time we sit together

My father think beyond everyday needs...beyond foods and drinks...he always encourage people to pursue their education to the higher level

He has done his race here on earth
We praising God who has PROMOTED him to heaven one year ago
Praise be the name of the Lord!!!

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Tuesday, August 08, 2017

Special Day for Calvin

marking today as a Special Day!

the first time Calvin can ride a bicycle!
the second day he is on the bike!

. He insists that he wants to try by himself
. He watches closely how people ride
. He asked his friend about how to ride
. He did everything he could think about riding a bicycle

He dreamed about it!
He prayed for it!
He brought us all into his dream!
Torkis then think of something to help him
since we can't help him here...then...Torkis bought a ticket for us to Calvin's uncle house...uncle that he can learn bicycle there...
uncle Mario has a bicycle and his place is safe to learn bicycle
Calvin can't wait!
He told me that our neighbors have a bicycle so he asked permission to try it

the moment he is on the bicycle...he could feel the real challenge in the balancing...but...he rejected my help...he wanted to try by himself!
an uncle stepped in and offered help...finally he allows that uncle to help...only a few times and he stopped...for the same reason: he wanted to try by himself!

today is the 2nd day he rides the bicycle
and BINGO! he did it!!!

It's time to buy new bicycle for him 😄😄😄
that's a deal between father & son
Calvin must know how to ride a bicycle before Torkis buy a bicycle for him 😄😄😄

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Monday, August 07, 2017

another day for BSF

We tell the children...
. good food
. good clothes 
. good education
. good holiday
. good house

there are all TEMPORARY!

#1 the best thing we can give to you is God
#2 the best way is to bring you along to seek God
this is ETERNAL!

nobody can take it away from you!

pray that they will continue the journey all the way with Jesus 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

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Thursday, August 03, 2017

Today's Story

Oh! Rebecca!
Thanks, Calvin!