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Wednesday, May 09, 2018

for my 11 years old boy


If I would have to choose
I would choose not to force you to wake up in the morning
I choose to seeing you enjoy your sleep

If I would have to choose
I would choose not to force you to do your homework
I would choose to see your happy face enjoy playing badminton

if I would have to choose
I would choose NOT to discipline you
I would choose NOT to screaming-scolding-shouting at you for your mistake

If I would have to choose
I would choose NOT to HURT you with my fear

If I would have to choose
I would choose to forget about the school and all those marks

If I would have to choose
I would choose you enjoy the life in the way you like



The world is NOT operating in that way
The world have its own system that we need to adjust to it

Mommy...with all I have in me
want you to be HAPPY

Happy does not necessarily you are always in fun-good-wonderful situation

Happy means your enjoy the good time 
Happy means your peace sustain you in bad time much as I can
I choose LOVE over my FEAR

I've tried with all my power and I will continue to try:
. to understand you when you makes me upset
. to love you when you make mistake
. to comforts you when you are in trouble

I put those action in 4 letters: LOVE

you may not understand LOVE in the form of scolding
you may not understand LOVE in the form of anger

what you feel now is hurt! pain!

that's the reason...

I bend my knees
I bow my head
lift up my heart to Jesus

only Jesus can help me
only Jesus can makes you understand

understand the LOVE in the form of discipline

scolding, screaming, angry is very tiring!
scolding, screaming, angry is very painful!

it is not hurting you only
it is hurting me even more
because I hurt the ones the I love

Please forgive me for all those things that
I have done that hurting you even now
when you read this and
you remember those day

Please release forgiveness for me

looking at you now

  • a responsible boy
  • independent
  • diligent
  • sensible       
  • caring
  • loving
  • soft-hearted boy

my heart filled with proud!
you are my favorite boy!

one thing that I desire in your life

you grow to love God with all your heart 
you planted deeply in God's word
your life pleasing God

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Wednesday, May 02, 2018


#1 Calvin always run to this spot every time he got the chance and enjoy “the free phone” as much as he can

#2 He always walks out from that place with happy face

i stopped him at this spot!
we both facing the shop

“Calvin can you imagine it feels when daddy buy for you one of that phone?”

after all these times...
after saw all your friends having fun with it...
after put your dream so long in the “dream box”...

it is in your hands! 
it is yours!

Calvin: “WOW! Mommy!”

I let his mind brings him to that happy moment
I saw his genuine smile show up
I know he is happy

after a few minutes 

“Calvin...the moment you bring the phone out from this phone...that's the moment you lose your FREEDOM”
“you are happily and voluntarily exchange your freedom to that phone

His face changed...
He didn’t expect it...

me: “Well...daddy and mommy have reserved your freedom up to this point... 11 years ... it might continue to 2-3 years...but it won’t be forever! someday you will have that phone!”

remember this: 
#1 enjoy that moment to the max when that moment comes to you! 

#2 it opens another door in your life: the door that exposing you to God’s grace and mercy...even more!

#3 I pray that when you lost your freedom, you will experience the TRUE FREEDOM in JESUS! 

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Friday, March 09, 2018

Calvin's decision

The tapping machine "screamed"    beep! beep! beep!   after Calvin tapped his EZ-link told us that there was not enough money in his card to pay for the bus fare

quickly we reached out to our pockets and wallets for coins but found nothing

it took quite a while and the whole bus waited for us

at last

panicky, i pushed him out form the bus with this command *only*

"you better go out"

as soon as he was out...the bus' door closed!

at the moment...

he has 3 options:

#1st   sit down at the bus stop then complain, angry, grumbling
#2nd  go back home


he chose the #3rd option: RUN!
he decided to run from that bus stop to the next bus stop which is bus interchange...around 450 meters


I love how he made a quick decision at the crucial time 
I love how he executed his decision happily with a champion spirit

as the bus passed him...I gave 👍👍  to him and the whole bus looked at him with the smile in their face

He was pretty fast! we almost lost sight of him even before the bus moved

Love the SMILE!

Today before the bus came
he told me that he has no money in his EZ-link *again?!*

I asked him "so?!"

once again...
he turned around and started to ran under the scorching sun!
first he was run with umbrella but then he felt the umbrella slowing him down
so he closed it

running under scorching sun is very tough!
but this time he arrived before us! WoooHooo!
with the bus caught in 2 traffic light gave him time to catch up
he arrived before us!

Love it!

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Saturday, February 24, 2018

Calvin & Jesus

Praise the Lord for today!!!

Calvin just received the GREATEST GIFT from God 

Calvin just received Jesus Christ as His God and Savior

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Friday, February 23, 2018

Billy Graham

Sin is the second most powerful force in the universe, for it sent Jesus to the cross.
 Only one force is greater - the love of God